For many years I split my time between being a musician (with Wintersleep) and graphic design. Now I concentrate full time on design and illustration.

I am very lucky to live in St. John's, Newfoundland.

Have a look at my portfolio and email me if you have a project in mind – I specialize in illustrations, layout and website design. I have access to painters, photographers, and illustrators in various styles all over North America as well, so if my style isn't 100% right for your project, I probably know who is and can work as art director/project manager to pull it all together for you.



- National Arts Centre [posters]
- Alvvays [posters]
- Trailer Park Boys [poster/site]
- Chocolate bar packaging
- Shelley Bean [website]
- Upstreet Craft Brewing [website]
- Garrison Hill [website]


- Hey Rosetta! [poster]
- Bahamas [album art]
- Jim Cuddy [album art]
- Harper Collins ['Canadianity' book cover]
- Ian Sherwood [album art]
- Ouroboros [album art]
- Horseshoe Tavern [branding]
- Eden Mills Writers' Festival [2017 posters]
- Granville Green [2017 posters]
- Day Drift Craft Soda [branding and labels]
- Ashley Condon [album art]
- Slaight Family Heritage Prize [poster]
- Measha Brueggergosman [album art]
- The Inn by Mallard Cottage [branding]
- Mallard Cottage [website]
- Strand Hair Room [website]
- Upstreet Craft Brewing [beer box]
- Royal Ontario Museum [Big Blue illustration]
- Mary Walsh [book cover]
+ Heartbroken [album art]
+ The Matinee [album art]
+ Blue Rodeo [album art]
+ Fortunate Ones [album art]
+ Paul Frecker Audio [website]
+ Hayden [poster]
+ Hannah Georgas [website]
+ Royal Canoe [website]
+ Granville Green [poster]
+ City and Colour [poster series]
+ Eden Mills Writers Festival [poster]
+ Plants and Animals [website]
+ Wolf and Grizzly [branding]
+ Wintersleep [album art/website]
+ Donovan Woods [album art]
+ O'Brien's Music [website]
+ Winnipeg Folk Festival [posters]
+ Massey Hall [poster series]
+ Duane Andrews [album art]
+ Sam Roberts [poster for Ottawa concert]
+ Darrin Rose [website]
+ Chris Hadfield [album art]
+ Blue Rodeo [album art]
+ Dine Alone Records [poster art]
> + The Great Hall [poster]
+ Scene Ontario Festival [merch art]
+ Katie Baggs [album art]
+ Glass Wing [logo/website design]
+ Alan Doyle [album cover]
+ Hayden [poster designs]
+ Elliott Brood [website]
+ TURF Festival [poster]
+ Bahamas [album art]
+ Timber Timbre [LP design/t-shirts]
+ Blue Rodeo [album art]
+ Newfoundland Folk Festival [poster]
+ Raymonds Restaurant [poster/shirt design]
+ Ruth Moody [album art]
+ Buck 65 [website]


I also book shows for indie bands who want to play in newfoundland. I've booked Bonnie Prince Billie, Silver Mt Zion, Japandroids, Owen Pallett, Bahamas and more.

My old band and great friends. Proud to see them doing so well.

Another band I played in and released an album with. They're also still going strong, you should go see them play!

Check out this video/song:

July 2, 2018 Update

Here are a bunch of recent projects – Keep scrolling down for my complete portfolio.


Its been a busy and exciting few months since I last updated this site. Here are a bunch of new posters, beer labels, album covers, book jackets, shirts, logos and more.

New poster series for City and Colour tour – a poster for each province the tour hit.
I have copies of these City and Colour posters for sale on my online store if you're interested.


album design
Chris Hadfield

Probably the project that garnered the most media attention and general excitement from friends and family was this album illustration and design for Commander Chris Hadfield. The album was recorded in space on the International Space Station. It was a hell of a lot of fun to work on! It was pressed on vinyl as well as CD.

I wrote a blog post about the experience of meeting Chris, and working on the album - check that out by following this link.

beer can design
Big Rig Brewing

Big Rig Brewing are located in Ottawa and have a really great thing going – their beers are great and their brew-pubs always packed. It was great fun working on a couple beer cans for them, the first beer cans I had ever designed. I'm hoping to do more in the future (hint to all craft brewers that need a can design).

book cover
Harper Collins

When Canadian icon Mary Walsh wrote her first book earlier this year I was honoured when she asked me to design the cover. I read the book and then started on sketches. This looks really great in person, with spot finish gloss sections that don't show in this photo. Check it out at your local book store and let me know what you think.

tour poster
Tim Baker

Hey Rosetta's Tim Baker organized a cross-Canada tour featuring three singer-songwriter friends of his and himself. This poster illustration depicts all the songwriters taking some much needed time with nature. 18 x 24 versions were sold at the merch table on the tour.

Wolfe Island Music Festival

The top poster design (bear) was awarded an Applied Arts Advertising/Design Award and will be published in their Design Awards Annual. It was the first time I ever submitted anything for these awards and I am so excited to have been given a positive response. And, did I mention that this music festival is always amazing!!! Its a WIN/WIN. I've created their posters for the last six years.

book covers

Book covers are a lot of fun to design, but until 2014 I had never been offered any book design projects. Here are two covers I designed for books that came out just in time for Christmas 2014.

Massey Hall

I was pretty excited to be hired by Massey Hall to brand and create posters for their Live at Massey Hall series of shows. This is an ongoing poster series that has evolved in sutble ways over three years. The Timber Timbre poster was the first one, and Rheostatics was from this past season.

album design
Good Lovelies

This album was a lot of fun to work on – I created the cover, plus another illustration for every song. 14 illustrations in all.


I've been hired to make quite a few Hey Rosetta posters over the years. Some have been screen printed, others were used as tour posters, etc.

album design

This illustration was printed on various items sold in a summer festival kit for City and Colour fans. The kit included water bottles, bags, shirt, laminant, and more.

album design
Matthew Barber and Jill Barber

I have been friends with Jill Barber for nearly 15 years and was so happy when she invited me to be involved in the design of this album.

album design

I was asked to draw a dead cowboy being eaten by vultures. Ok. This was super fun and I love how it turned out.

album design

This was the first time I had done any work for a band from Edmonton. They allowed me to play with some custom painted typography – a lot of fun.

album design

Proof that sometimes a photo is worth a thousands words. I was trying to not let the graphic design get in the way of the beautiful photography on this album. Photo by Marc Lafrenière.

hand screened tour poster

City under water - I illustrated this poster and had it hand screened in four colours on heavy grey art/card stock. Only 100 printed - with less than 40 left. I do have some of these for sale, if you're interested click here.

tshirt-jacket illustration

A cute two-colour illustration that looked amazing on shirts and track-jackets.


Illustrated and screen printed poster for BAHAMAS to sell on tour in support of his new album BARCHORDS.

illustration: magazine cover
the scope, st. john's

I was asked to depict "staying in to make music" for a Valentine's issue of the scope, a St. John's bi-weekly.


I've been working with this client for over a decade. We've had a lot of fun and designed some projects.


St. John's finally has a Comedy Festival. I take care of all the festivals branding; posters, ads, website and more.

cd/lp art

When Bryan (band's primary song writer) sent me this photo and said he wanted me to make an album cover out of it I was a bit skeptical on how it would turn out. But in the end I was totally proud to show this off and wish I came up with the photo myself.

cd/lp art

For the past number of years HAYDEN has hosted a fundraiser at Massey Hall for a great school in Toronto doing wonderful things for kids in need. I've donated my time every year to create the poster and shirts for the concert event – and one day I hope to attend in person.

cd/lp art

A simple graphic I made to say thank you to a band that has meant so much to Canada and music fans around the world.

album designs

I have designed four Blue Rodeo albums to date - In Our Nature, A Merrie Christmas to You, Live at Massey Hall and their latest record 1000 Arms (photo by Mark Bennett). They've been one of the best clients I ever had, really great to work with.

I posted a blog about working with the band and all the projects we've completed so far.

album design

Drew and designed this Christmas album for Fortunate Ones. Its one of my favourite album covers I have designed yet.

album design
Andrew Pike

Had the most fun working on this album cover. The record is classical music and is really beautiful to listen to.

This poster was part of a series of six. Each one portrayed a city the band were playing that had an NHL team, we used the team colours, the first letter from the city name, and a bunch of smaller references to that city and their team.


I've been hired to create 21 City and Colour posters to date (more than for any other one client) - all except 1 have been screen printed and sold as a merch item as his shows.


I've created six posters for Blue Rodeo, t-shirts designs, and the album-art for their latest three records. I'm currently working on a fourth album for the band. Love those guys! Screen printed posters are on sale on the band's website.


It was fun designing a logo for this very chic new Inn located in Quidi Vidi Village. What a gorgeous spot.

album design

Legendary Canadian punk band Teenage Head teamed up with the last remaining Ramones member, Marky, to make this amazing record.

tour posters

When I got a call from California asking if I had time to come up with a quick poster for The Shins upcoming tour, the answer was obvious.

album art

Mark gave me full creative control and let me have some of the most fun yet working on CD art. I'm really hoping we get to put this out on vinyl someday as it'll look great. Hand written fonts were the order of the day on this project.

album art

The first 10" record I ever worked on. The lead off single on this album is amazing. Check it out. Jill Willcott took the awesome photo.

album art

Rah Rah sent me some 100 year old photos from their home town and asked me to do something fun with them. This record was released exactly 100 years (to the month) after the photo was originally taken. My friend Jamie March painted the album title.



Poster designs for the 2013 and 2014 Arts and Crafts Fieldtrip Music Festival.

cd/lp art

Fortunate Ones are a great young band from Newfoundland. I illustrated and then screen printed this small 11 x 14 art print that the band could then sell on tour. I have some for sale on my store if you are interested (click here).

album design

I worked on this album design which also led to tshirt designs and a new website.

album art

Another Tim Chaisson album design. This artwork was cut out of paper then composed on the computer. The illustration is meant to represent the Confederation Bridge leading to PEI.

cd/lp art

Recorded at Arcade Fire's Montreal studio, this brand new Quebec band's album sounds amazing. I did my best to make it also look great.

tour admat/posters

I designed this poster backstage while my old band was on tour playing rediculous frosh week shows with Metric. They say 'the kids are alright', but I'm not really sure...

Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Illustrated poster for Bonnie "Prince" Billy concert. Silk screened versions of this poster are in the works.

album designs

I've designed four out of the five Wintersleep albums (Wintersleep is my old band). The first I did entirely on my own (trees cover), the second was a collaboration with Toronto designer James Mejia (and received a Juno Award nomination for its design) and the third was a collaboration with Paul Murphy who drew the cover illustration. Hello Hum's cover was illustrated by Marianne Collins, layout and design by me.

Burning Hell

The Burning Hell are really good friends and it made me very happy to work on posters and this album cover for them. I have also illustrated a bunch of different t-shirts for the band and designed their website.

2016 Poster

2015 Poster series

Winnipeg Folk Festival

I've illustrated posters for the Winnipeg Folk Festival for two years. I wrote a blog post about working on art for this festival and my experience travelling to Winnipeg to check it all out in person.

poster design
Blonde Redhead

When Blonde Redhead were going out to play shows commemorating their monumental Misery Is A Butterfly album I was the most excited human ever to be asked to make the poster for the tour. This is one of my favourite bands, and my favourite album by that band. One of the most important projects I ever worked on to me.

album art
Ian Foster

Ian Foster is a Newfoundland based singer-songwriter, working on his latest album I tried to tie in aspects from almost every song in to this cover image. Its one of my favourie covers I've had the chance to work on.

exhibit illustration
Royal Ontario Museum

A couple years back a massive blue whale washed up on Newfoundland's west coast. Scientists took the whale to study it and figure out why it died. The bones are now on exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum, who contacted me and asked if I'd create an illustration of our blue whale to use in advertising to promote the new exhibit.

album design
Harrow Fair

I was asked to make an album that looked like an old county fair poster - too fun.

album design
The Heartbroken

The band had a different photo picked out that they were going to use for the cover and this one was meant to go inside the record somewhere, but as soon as I saw it I knew this HAD to be the cover.

Toronto Urban Roots Festival

I have been invited to design screen print posters a couple years in a row for the TURF festival. These were sold at the festivals, and I have copies on my store if you're interested.

album art
Arts and Crafts - X

This was Arts and Crafts' 10th Anniversary album featuring the record labels artists collaborating with each other to make new songs (the two sides fo the X twisting together to make the new letter). I created the illustration, but the layout was done by Robyn Kotek, A+C's in house designer (she's very good!).


I was invited to design a poster for Polaris Music Prize's shortlist nominee Cold Specks. These were screen printed (18 x 24) and are for sale on the Polaris website.

cd/lp art

I've been working with BAHAMAS for years. I worked up the layouts for his last two albums, as well as posters, tshirts, his website, etc.

album design

A fun retro album cover that really pops off the shelves. My mother took this photo in Switzerland back in the late 70s.

album design

TERRA are a local band in my hometown. They poured their heart and soul into making this album and I wanted the artwork to be something special. I went in a different direction than I ever having, using a lot of tape and texture. Its one of my favourite album designs I've ever worked on.

poster print

This was a personal illustration project - these screen printed posters are printed on 18 x 24 smooth 100lb Cougar art stock. Limited Edition of 30 prints. These are now sold out, but the illustration has been printed on t-shirts which are for sale down at Living Planet on Water Street (in St. John's).


DRUM! is produced by Brookes and Fiona Diamond. This DVD was released in 2009 and showcases the entire production as well as bonus features.

cd/lp art

This artwork was cut out of one piece of paper. I came up with the illustration and then had it cut out of one piece of recycled kraft paper. Click enlarge to zoom in and see the paper cuts.


I don't get enough opportunities to tackle a modern corporate design since most of my clients are in the music industry. Kennedy was a lot of fun, we started with their logo, then developed a website and all company branding from there.


One of the most fun projects I ever worked on. For this box set I designed the box itself, a 150+ page book, patches, posters, stickers, 4 CDs, a DVD, laniards and more. UV coat finished on almost everything. Too fun.

album design

Drumlin are a family band from Nova Scotia. The nicest people ever and great to see their music is hitting the hearts of so many people. I've designed the first two CDs.

album design

Stu Marchand is a singer/songwriter living in Alberta. This album art is one of my favourite projects I've ever worked on. The custom collage-font on the cover was created from dozens of photos of factories, scaffolding and old barns.

album designs

I was hired by FACTOR to create a pocket guide for musicians to get an idea of what sorts of funding FACTOR had available. I created a character and put her in a narrative of being on tour across Canada throughout the guide.

Eastern Edge Gallery

Every year the Eastern Edge Gallery host a week long arts festival. I made this poster for their carnival themed festival.


Hey Rosetta went on tour through the arctic of Canada. I am jealous I didn't get to go as that would be the trip of a lifetime. I created this illustration and poster for their tour.


When Arlo Guthrie came to my home town this past year I was elated to be invited to draw the poster.

poster design


I've been designing posters for Hayden's annual Dream Serenade fundraisers at Massey Hall for a number of years, but this poster is my favourite one I've done for him. Inspired by his song "Woody", the poster shows Hayden up all night at home while his cat (Woody) is out having adventures with his friends. Eventually Woody looks back and sees the lights are still on at Hayden's place and he rushes home to be reunited with his buddy.

Click here to check out Hayden's tune "Woody"

poster design


This was the third poster Polaris Music Prize asked me to design. Four colour print, including metallic silver.


My friend and often creative-collaborator, Mark Bennett, and I created a new minimal website for Hannah Georgas. Her new album is incredible and you should check it out.

beer labels


I've had the opportunity to design all the beer labels for PEI brewers Upstreet Craft Brewing. So fun!!!

I wrote a Blog post about working on this project if you're interested in more info.

album design


I've been a huge Sarah Harmer fan since her first album ten years ago and was utterly honoured to be involved in the creation of art for her new album. Available on CD and LP.

screen print

Personal project - YYT

8 x 10 screen prints I illustrated and printed at my studio (Rehearsals Rehearsals) representing my home town.

t-shirt design


I was asked to create a t-shirt design that would represent a festival that showcases 400 Ontario artists ranging from musicians, to theatre productions, dance troupes and so much more. This was a fun solution.



This was the second Polaris Music Prize poster I was asked to create. This time for Tegan and Sara. The artwork was interpretted into a large stage set and projections at the awards show. Pretty cool.

album art

This WHITEHORSE album artwork was a lot of fun to work on. It was mostly cut out of paper, then scanned in and arranged. I came up with a theme of depicting Luke and Melissa as action stars and showing them in various action poses throughout the artwork and advertising.

album art

The Matinee are a pretty kick ass rock group from Vancouver. The first band from BC I have designed an album for. Great band who seem to be breaking a lot of ground and I bet are going to be huge in short order.


STRAND is a high end hair salon in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Working with my colleague Mark Bennett, we crafted a video background website for the salon's launch.


I've been a huge Buck 65 fan for years (and have an embarrassingly large collection of his indie-releases). This website was created using a series of paper cut illustrations as the background. 50 hours of paper cutting made for a fun Wordpress site.


I've been designing the marketing for this writers' festival for a number of years. Always a fun job!


This is a recent screen print poster I made. 16 x 20, five colour screen print of a baby deer, curled up and ready for sleep. I have four colour versions of these for sale where the creme background is white. Email me if you're interested.

album design + website


Cutting, folding, and taping paper to make a bird and flying boy made for a fun campaign. I created posters (pictured) as well as newspaper ads, banner ads, t-shirts and a website.

CD/DVD designs

To date I've created four CDs for Joel Plaskett and his DVD (the missing CD was the Australian released Make A Little Noise, a compilation of Joel's top tunes).

album art

This illustration was meant to represent a moon, high in the night sky over the ocean.

album art

Another illustration I created for an album cover. This one was meant to be silk screened, but there wasn't budget to go that route. It still turned out well.


Paul Frecker sells and installs all the best in hi-fi audio video. His expertise has been leading the hi-fi community in Atlantic Canada for more than 30 years.

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